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Alright, so I think it's clear (based on the last post[s]) that I had a bit of a wild night yesterday. I stayed up for 25 hours straight to watch that A9 live performance the whole way through and it was so worth it. I think the last time I stayed up for 24 hours must have been in my last year of university, when I was scrambling to finish a paper for my women's and gender history course (how the perception of lesbian relationships changed from the edo to meiji era in Japan--pretty much the most enjoyable paper I ever researched/wrote).

A9 13th review... )

I got about three hours of sleep after the live finally ended around 6:30am (and another three in the afternoon, when my partner said " look wrecked, you need sleep"), and then spent my whole morning just indulging in reading old A9 interviews, the main one being from arena 37c (2006.06 vol 285) in which all the members introduce one another. There was nothing really that I didn't already know, but it's just fun to read things that they said when they were so much younger--when they did such a staggering number of interviews each month, most of them humorous. They really are a funny bunch. Speaking of old interviews... I placed an order on Closet Child this morning for a used copy of Re:Born (regular edition is STILL not in stock, and it's been almost twice the length of time that CDJapan estimated the restock would take, so I finally cancelled my order there), a set of all 12 old Club Alice Aritsuu fanclub newsletters, and a very old H'evn issue (vol 18) with an equally old A9 article in it. It's never been shared online anywhere, but based on the era of the issues that precede and follow it, I would guess that the article is either for yami ni chiru sakura or yuri wa aoku saite... either is awesome. That h'evn magazine has been listed for years, but it was always so expensive, so I never bothered, but since they slashed the price by two thirds... :p

Alright, alright. I'll stop my gushing about A9! I guess you could say that doing some fangirling about them this weekend was sort of a way to de-stress about all the fest writing I've been doing. After all, I'm not out of the woods yet. I still have one last, super-secret fest entry to polish off--an irresistible claim that I made quite a while back, which I have been working on in the background for almost two months. Of course, I'm also now actively working on the next chapter of FS as well, since I have finally completed most of my fest entries. It's been a hell of a busy summer, and I have definitely learned my lesson about taking on too many projects at once. I'm just going to focus on FS for a while, once this last fest entry is submitted. I do miss my grumpy!Severus, after all :p

Another bit of stress has come from the fact that one of the people in our usual friends group is going to have to go back home at the end of the month. It's a few hours away, so it's not catastrophic, but her boyfriend (my partner's best bro) will be staying here to continue with his studies... so it's going to be hard. She's working on a plan to return here quickly to do a co-op type course, though, which would hopefully lead to a job after, and we're all just hoping it will pan out. They were apart for almost three months before, when my partner's best bro went back to his home country for the summer, intending to be there for just a few weeks (a passport situation left him "stranded" there for several months--it's a bit funny now, but it was a nightmare at the time!)... so they can take being apart, but it's not going to be fun, I know that much. In the meantime, we're just trying to get in as much hangoutage together as possible.

Side note: I think I'll just call my partner Mr Bore from now on lol. Much easier.

The last thing of note to say, for now, is that... ACBB posting has begun! Yay! Lots of new, long fics to read, and now that I have a bit more time, I can start digging in. Of course, Drizzle and SSHG Smut Fest are about to start soon, too, so I'll have plenty to keep me going until December, basically lol! The bottomless creativity in these fandoms is inspiring and wonderful... Now, I'm off to do a bit of reading, and then try to get my butt into the kitchen to make scones before the blueberries I bought go bad!
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I've been having a semi-productive night, no thanks to the handful of distractions that wormed their way into my inbox. Chief among them was an email from the A9 FC (NUMBER SIX.), informing me that the old proxy address that they had originally provided to all international fans was no longer in use and that I would have to register for another through a third party. That wasn't a problem, as I already had an account with a company that could provide me with such a proxy address (how else was I going to get my hands on A9 magazine clipping auction lots? LOL! I have a weird obsession with collecting A9 magazine articles and interviews). But actually forming cohesive replies to the emails was the little challenge for tonight. They used to send separate, roughly-translated emails in English to the handful of international fans with a membership, but have recently switched to sending them in Japanese only. Which is completely fine--probably better, because I don't need to constantly wait longer for the English mass-email that I am supposed to reply to when I have already read the original. It just means that even my short replies take a while to craft, since the emails are in keigo and I don't want to reply in a loosey-goosey register lol.

Anyway, tonight involved some emergency review lol.

Earlier in the day, I saw some extremely exciting tweets confirming that Bryan Fuller is now in talks to try and get a studio to pick up Hannibal for a fourth season. For those that don't know, Hannibal is one of my favourite shows. It is dark, queer, poetic, romantic, horrific... and delectable, just delectable. The dialogue, the cinematography, the acting is just exquisite. I love Hannibal, and even though the ending to Season 3 was incredible and could absolutely serve as the definitive end of the series proper, I would love to see this series brought back. My god, would I ever.

I like to think of Hannibal as being a proper representation of a novel onscreen--it is full of visual metaphor that often isn't subtextual at all. It's right there, the poetic connection obvious, as if you were reading the line in a book. It does a really good job of capturing the main characters' mental states without outright stating them most of the time, which is often a problem with novel adaptations--there is a lot going on beneath the surface (important internal character thoughts, reactions, emotions) the complexity of which can't always be conveyed with acting alone.

So many of the murder tableaux in the series were incredible not because they were gory and shocking, but because each one was meant to be a piece of (disturbing) art--and I can honestly say, a lot of them creeped the fuck out of me, while also enthralling me, and I haven't really seen anything like them in any other program. The fungus, for fuck's sake. The instrument. No spoilers, but holy fuck, I will never forget those. The dialogue is often ornate and well-crafted, so many of the characters almost unnaturally well-spoken. You don't go into Hannibal for a bit of light programming, or for stark realism. You go into Hannibal ready to read deeply into everything you see onscreen and enjoy its opulence (the overly-rich dialogue, scenery, morbidity...). You go into Hannibal absolutely reading into the crazy chemistry between the two leads, and having to tell yourself, as usual, that it'll never go there, but then it does. It is pure, queer poetry.

Enough about my thirst for the continuation of Hannibal. ♥ ♥ ♥

When I wasn't daydreaming about Hannibal S4 or crafting deceptively short emails, I was working on my HP Drizzle submission. I didn't get any actual writing done tonight (just plotting), but I did begin to do the HTML formatting, picked out a title, and got the summary (always the biggest headache) figured out. In other positive news, I came up with the beginning and end of my Smut Fest submission, with the stuff in between mostly plotted out. I'm on track to get the HP Drizzle fic in on or (hopefully) a couple days before the deadline, but this weekend is probably going to involve late nights in order to do that. That's optimistic, considering that Saturday is my birthday, and we're planning on going out to celebrate, but anyway... I'm on track for now. One way or another, this first fic is going to be sent off on time and then the next is going to get written out in short order.

Geez, I need to get to sleep soon. Best get back to that formatting and see if I can get one more scene squared off!
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Still no change on the Livejournal front: the wonderful staff have not yet gotten around to telling me what the heck prompted them to blast my account off the face of the interwebs. I may be slightly bitter lol. It's alright though, at least I have this blog to ramble into--as long as I have a place to ramble, I'm set. In light of the fact that I haven't heard anything from the staff, I went ahead and sent messages to the two fests I was currently signed up for, to notify them of the pickle I'm in. I'm maintaining participation in HP Drizzle, and have decided to officially drop out of ACBB (as a writer--I'm still going to read the crap out of the rest of the submissions!).

I had a few reasons for these decisions. First, ACBB has a much higher word count requirement, and given the upheaval this LJ-business has caused, and my inability to interact with the community, the idea of trying to meet the deadline was a lot more headache-inducing than fun-sounding. The deadline for HP Drizzle is much further off, and the word count requirement is much less which doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to write something short lol, which makes it... well, less stressful. Plus, the fundamental difference: I brought my own story idea to ACBB (so I can write it at a later time, whenever I like), while Drizzle is prompt-based... and I really like the prompt I was able to claim, and already have plenty of notes written out for it. I'm a little sad about letting go of ACBB, but there's (probably) always next year, or I can finish and post the idea I had independent of a fest :)

Okay, enough of all that! Yesterday I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2!


It was by far and away even funnier than the first one. It was also full of heartfelt moments, character development, and action. It was just a really, really fun movie to see on the big screen, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended if you need to put a smile on your face. Or even if you don't. Either way. Go see my favourite trash panda blow things up and be a loveable lil shit! :D

P.S. My best friend and I spotted two celebrities yesterday while we were at the movies. I noticed first, and pointed them out. It's kind of doubtful that many people would know of them, or the sequel they were promoting... but we saw the stars of the first and second Bon Cop Bad Cop! Ahh! For those who have never heard of the movie, it's a Canadian, bilingual movie. One cop is (English) Ontarian, and one is a Qu├ębecker, and for me and my bilingual friends, it was just really fun to see "ourselves" on screen. Long story short, as they were walking away, we smiled at them, and they totally smiled back at us (we were standing alone along a wall, so it couldn't have been at anyone else). JUST SAYING.
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I finally decided to get my hands on and read The Cursed Child, because I figured it was time to form my own opinion--due to my being out of town at the time the book came out, and the very mixed reviews from fans that followed, I just sort of shrugged and decided to wait until the price dropped a bit.

And I was fine with that.

But then, the other day, I was perusing Tumblr (read: I could not stop scrolling, and consequently lost several hours of my life that I will never get back... and liked it). I happened upon one post in particular that made me want to finally sit down and read the thing. The essence of the post was "Hermione calls Severus by his first name". I had no idea why she did, or in what context, but I thought to myself:

yep, I'm gonna go read that shit now.

And so, I did.

I'm incorrigible, I tell you. What a reason.


Moving on.

Thanks to a few cups of tea, some fuzzy socks, and a warm blanket, I have now finished reading The Cursed Child, and I have thoughts. Not entirely clear ones, as I have only read the play through once, but a few things jumped out at me as I read. Overall, the play isn't terrible, but it's not great.

Such shining praise.

My point-form yet still lengthy thoughts... )

Overall, it wasn't terrible, as I said... but it did feel like a mediocre fanfic. Entertaining, to a degree, but not serious. Not something you would re-read (except... I probably will, since it is canon, albeit disappointing canon). Sort of a favourite and forget type of situation. It could have been a lot better--better characterization, believable relationships, less cop-outs, humour that was actually funny (making Ron the butt of every joke was just pathetic and sad).

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