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Alright, so I think it's clear (based on the last post[s]) that I had a bit of a wild night yesterday. I stayed up for 25 hours straight to watch that A9 live performance the whole way through and it was so worth it. I think the last time I stayed up for 24 hours must have been in my last year of university, when I was scrambling to finish a paper for my women's and gender history course (how the perception of lesbian relationships changed from the edo to meiji era in Japan--pretty much the most enjoyable paper I ever researched/wrote).

A9 13th review... )

I got about three hours of sleep after the live finally ended around 6:30am (and another three in the afternoon, when my partner said " look wrecked, you need sleep"), and then spent my whole morning just indulging in reading old A9 interviews, the main one being from arena 37c (2006.06 vol 285) in which all the members introduce one another. There was nothing really that I didn't already know, but it's just fun to read things that they said when they were so much younger--when they did such a staggering number of interviews each month, most of them humorous. They really are a funny bunch. Speaking of old interviews... I placed an order on Closet Child this morning for a used copy of Re:Born (regular edition is STILL not in stock, and it's been almost twice the length of time that CDJapan estimated the restock would take, so I finally cancelled my order there), a set of all 12 old Club Alice Aritsuu fanclub newsletters, and a very old H'evn issue (vol 18) with an equally old A9 article in it. It's never been shared online anywhere, but based on the era of the issues that precede and follow it, I would guess that the article is either for yami ni chiru sakura or yuri wa aoku saite... either is awesome. That h'evn magazine has been listed for years, but it was always so expensive, so I never bothered, but since they slashed the price by two thirds... :p

Alright, alright. I'll stop my gushing about A9! I guess you could say that doing some fangirling about them this weekend was sort of a way to de-stress about all the fest writing I've been doing. After all, I'm not out of the woods yet. I still have one last, super-secret fest entry to polish off--an irresistible claim that I made quite a while back, which I have been working on in the background for almost two months. Of course, I'm also now actively working on the next chapter of FS as well, since I have finally completed most of my fest entries. It's been a hell of a busy summer, and I have definitely learned my lesson about taking on too many projects at once. I'm just going to focus on FS for a while, once this last fest entry is submitted. I do miss my grumpy!Severus, after all :p

Another bit of stress has come from the fact that one of the people in our usual friends group is going to have to go back home at the end of the month. It's a few hours away, so it's not catastrophic, but her boyfriend (my partner's best bro) will be staying here to continue with his studies... so it's going to be hard. She's working on a plan to return here quickly to do a co-op type course, though, which would hopefully lead to a job after, and we're all just hoping it will pan out. They were apart for almost three months before, when my partner's best bro went back to his home country for the summer, intending to be there for just a few weeks (a passport situation left him "stranded" there for several months--it's a bit funny now, but it was a nightmare at the time!)... so they can take being apart, but it's not going to be fun, I know that much. In the meantime, we're just trying to get in as much hangoutage together as possible.

Side note: I think I'll just call my partner Mr Bore from now on lol. Much easier.

The last thing of note to say, for now, is that... ACBB posting has begun! Yay! Lots of new, long fics to read, and now that I have a bit more time, I can start digging in. Of course, Drizzle and SSHG Smut Fest are about to start soon, too, so I'll have plenty to keep me going until December, basically lol! The bottomless creativity in these fandoms is inspiring and wonderful... Now, I'm off to do a bit of reading, and then try to get my butt into the kitchen to make scones before the blueberries I bought go bad!
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EDIT 4: This entry was originally posted in three parts, but I nested the two other entries into this one when I later woke up. It seemed like the sensible thing to do. Oh, what a night.

I've had a wild week of writing, let me tell you. Most nights, I stayed up until or past midnight--and last night, I was up until about three. What can I say? When the inspiration strikes, you just have to get on board and ride it til it stops. Too bad my inspiration couldn't have chosen a more convenient time to kick in. What a jerk.

I'm writing this entry just after 1 am, with 5 minutes to go before A9's 13th anniversary live begins. It's being broadcast on NicoNico, and while I have timeshifted it, I want to watch at least a little bit of it live before I give in and go to bed. I love A9 so much, and it's amazing they're still going strong after 13 years!

Ohhhhhhhh shit the live is starting AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

EDIT 1: It's been about an hour, and the live has not started yet. In order to amuse the ~3000 viewers already online (more keep arriving all the time), the broadcast staff are just playing all their PVs in order, and it's the most nostalgic fucking thing. Everyone is just sharing memories of the PVs and gushing over them, and it's been so long that I've spoken to other fans that it's really emotional. I love them so much.

The waterworks are going to go off sometime tonight, I can feel it. Nostalgia overload ♥

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I've got a pile of messages to respond to, but I set them aside over the weekend in favour of milking the hell out of a sudden surge of motivation. Aside from some celebrating of Canada Day on Friday and Saturday, I spent the rest of my long weekend sitting at my computer and chipping away at chapter 12 of FS (currently editing and picking at one last scene). I'm trying to tie that up so that I can really focus on my two upcoming challenge fics for the rest of the month (though I have made a little headway already in both).

I spent Friday evening at my parents', with a gaggle of relatives from the Maritimes showing up with a ton of booze and gaudy red-and-white decorations. Basically, my father was barbequeing in a lobster-print apron and a red-and-white clown wig before any real drinking happened. Quite the crowd, they are. Then on Saturday we headed out to brave the crowds celebrating Canada's 150th birthday and after waiting for almost two hours in the rain (the show was cancelled twice before it finally went on lol), I got to see Mother Mother for the second time this year!

I have to admit... their performance this time (maybe because they were playing such a high-profile gig?) was a little lacking. The energy was there, but I feel like they were more concerned with singing as loudly as they could than with singing as best they could. During Hay Loft and The Stand the singing was a lot more normal, but the rest of the songs had some awkward near-screaming parts. I've seen them enough times to know what they sound like at their best, so I'll just look forward to their next solo gig :p

Still danced my butt off and mouthed most of the words!

I suppose the only other thing to note is that I got back on Warframe yesterday afternoon after several months of hiatus -- the new Harrow quest was both extremely creepy and enjoyable to play, and was the main reason for coming back. I played a little this evening as well (emphasis on little). It all made me feel a little sad about not going to Tennocon this year, but it just wasn't convenient enough for us to get to London this year--maybe the next, if we still enjoy playing the game to a big enough extent!

And now, back to chapter 12. I need to get this donnnnnnne!
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This month continues to be a pain (with the occasional upside), and so my productivity has varied wildly. For some reason everyone I've ever known has decided to send me a message this month (slight exaggeration, but also kind of accurate--also not a complaint lol), so my inbox is a huge mess, an explosion of correspondence. I'm trying to keep on top of it, but every day something new comes in, or I have to do other errands that cause me to not be able to answer, so I'm just... looking forward to that day that I can reduce the unread messages to zero. Or at least to single digits. :p

I'm trying to get some writing in this weekend, because the week has been full of errands, events, filling a zillion forms, not having time after work, exhaustion, etc... But we'll see. I've already spent nearly five hours this morning combing through my inbox and feeds, sending messages, catching up with friends, and just generally connecting with people, and I'm still not finished. But it was nice to make a huge dent in my mountain of correspondence. :D

I'm going to ramble about a few things I have been screaming about this week, and then I will get on with the writing!

It's outdoor music festival time again! This is one of the pleasurable distractions I've had for the past week or so and I've already been to three nights of shows. My feet and knees are not thanking me for it. But my ears and eyes have been enjoying themselves. I'll list my favourite shows so far (which is almost all of them, but ANYWAY) : Elsie Legrow, Said the Whale, The Sheepdogs, Kalle Mattson, The Zolas, and Dear Rouge. All Canadian acts (Canada 150!), all very fun to see live. Seeing The Sheepdogs felt like going back in time (they were dressed in vintage, tacky ranch shirts lol, and their stage presence was epic), while Kalle Mattson was magnetic, and his between-song quips were hilarious. The Zolas threw us a party with incredible energy, and Dear Rouge's frontwoman was djdkalsmdflasmcflfaejen. Okay, okay, I'll be coherent: total rockstar, infectious energy, powerful voice, and... yeah, that partly-see-through body suit was to die for. ♥ They did a lot of call-and-response, which was really fun! The last three in the list I would be especially happy to see again. Can't wait for the next round of live music to hit the city!

This week Duolingo finally released Japanese courses! It's all review for me so far, but it's good fun, and a nice challenge to help keep at least a base-line of skills. I've been so intent on my writing, that I haven't had the time or energy to devote myself to Japanese learning like I used to. I'd like to get back into it, so maybe once I've finished all the lessons currently on Duolingo, I'll feel up to getting back into studying properly again. Or at least watching Jdramas again lol! I have no idea if my old sources for Japanese subtitles are still viable, though. Having Japanese audio and subtitles really helps, because my reading is still better than anything else.

I lost my mind for about two days after Saga tweeted about Stuppy vol. 16 expressing his mock-nervousness (it contains an interview with Shou about Saga). And then Shou retweeting him with assurance jngskfdmal;s,a. Interview is called 『俺とアイツ』~将が語る沙我のこと~. Nope, nope I'm still losing my mind. Screaming, even, you could say. I don't care about images, I just want that interview fhbksjDKSAL

Like, if it's anywhere near as good as the immortal Neo Gen vol 10 interview... fhvbkdjeklmd

It's so damn expensive, though, for one short interview--not that I don't like a bunch of other artists in the magazine (I am VERY okay with a steamy Sakito shoot lol!)... I wish [profile] jrock_scans was still active and putting out high-quality images in one place. The idea of combing through Tumblr is overwhelming; I really don't interact with the vkei fandom on there so I would have no idea where to start. But holy shit do I ever want to read that interview about Saga from Shou's perspective. Those two have been getting real chummy again recently after a bit of a cold period... :D

Oh, lastly, I caught wind of another fest (H/D) this morning that has an incredible list of prompts (I saved 16 really interesting ones, but I would have saved way more if I hadn't stopped myself). They're for [community profile] hd_fan_fair (unusual careers). I don't know if I actually will participate... I'll probably save the list and take whatever is left of the prompts I liked if I finish one of my two fest fics early enough. If the prompts I liked are all taken... well, great! More stuff for me to read in the fall!

EDIT: I was doing some googling to try to find scans of Stuppy vol 16 (no-go), and instead I found a buried post on Tumblr about "Volland Gump", a solo project put out by an unnamed artist in 2015, that has no intention of making any in-person appearances, and plays all instruments on his recordings... except drums. The post mentioned that it was Saga's solo project, and after listening to the song on the homepage... holy actual fuck. It sounds like him both in terms of the description, and the voice itself. My god. But even more googling wouldn't allow me to find anywhere that fully confirmed that it was him. Which I guess is his intention. I really hope he releases something else (sounds like Nao is playing the drums for him in his solo project -- of course they very openly have their THE ALTERNATIVE project as well, which I hope to one day be able to go see live, since they haven't made any recordings). I love Saga's music so much, just, in general!
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My god, it's been a long while since I last posted--I've been trying to catch up on emails and messages, as well as writing up a small but steady storm. So this is just going to be a lazy mish-mash of interesting tidbits about what's been going on.

I'll start with a concise write-up of the con I attended: it was fun. Alright, I'll give a little more than that.

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Last weekend, I went axe-throwing at our local axe-throwing place (as you do), and it was fun. I wasn't very into the competitive, scoring aspect of the practice, mostly because all I cared about was seeing whether or not I could hit the board in the first place (took a while), but I might go back again in the future just to get some aggression out.

After that, I finally finished and posted the next chapter in FS, and since then have been hard at work on the next. The writing notebook I bring everywhere is practically falling apart with all the extra paper scraps I've shoved into it. I may soon have to retire it and start on the next one. It's just so much more practical for me to jot down notes by hand during my breaks at work, and I like being able to line scraps up side by side, circle things, highlight, underline, draw cat faces... yeah, I do that. Ooops.

This week has been mostly an effort to catch up on the messages and emails and things I mentioned above, but I've also spent a little time relaxing after work (the writing-intensive week extended into this one, and will continue on to the next, which I'm certainly not complaining about!), which meant watching more of season 4 of The 100 (nearly ragequit after a certain character death, but have pressed on and there have been some interesting themes, to say the least). I've also been catching up on the seasons of Shameless (US) that I missed, a series that I easily become obsessed with because of all the dark humour, difficult topics, and extensive character study. Haven't been able to bring myself to get into the original, UK version though... I watched too much of the US version beforehand and so those versions of the characters became too entrenched in my mind.

Now on to some reading material recs:

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Umm... what else? I've got a ticket to go see Wonder Woman on opening night with my best friends, so the energy for that showing should be awesome. I am currently making pancakes (and found a little beetle in the flour when I was preparing the batter... lil scamp), and I intend to spend the next hour or two slowly eating my pancakes and watching more Shameless. Then I'll write.
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The one very bright spot in my week was that I got to see Mother Mother: they were amazing, I spent the whole show dancing and singing along to all of the songs like a madwoman. I have now seen them three times, and they performed an incredibly fun show each and every time. They're easily my favourite Canadian band, and they just keep releasing more and more addictive material.

...which is saying something, because I really love The Balconies and Tegan and Sara.

But anyway, their latest album, No Culture, came out right before the tour started, and I devoured that album, just played it on loop for days, because it is so good. Here's Baby Boy, one of my favourites from the album (I got to see it live alfkmgkldsdmslk):

I love the huge rhythm changes, the "gasping" after he plunges into dangerous water... amazing. In terms of the new song I danced hardest to at the concert, though, that would be The Drugs. So much love. I am already looking forward to seeing them again when they come back to my city. ♥

Anyway, that's the good stuff. The not-so-good stuff was that I had to come in early and stay late several days this week because of an issue at work (now resolved), but there were some passive-aggressive digs being tossed my way during the week which made things that much more stressful and frustrating.

So. Thank you, weekend, for just... being here for me. Love you, bud.

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