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Things that I have accomplished this weekend:

- Finishing season 1 of Luke Cage
- Finishing season 5 of Orange is the New Black
- Starting season 2 of Dark Matter
- Epilating (the everloving shit out of) my legs (...which is how OitNB got finished lol)
- Surprise barbeque at the beach (before it started pouring... we got two grilled sausages out of the affair before our poor, hard-won fire winked out of existence lol)
- Bleaching and then dyeing my hair (from brown, to bronze, to... purpley-blue... ish?)
- Reading a brand new interview from Shou all about Saga (sjkaffdkasl)

Okay, that last one, I nearly had to take the whole day off writing yesterday just to fully read it and scream about it to myself. I am still screaming. It was Too Much. Fully reading it meant transcribing it into a word document so I could properly look up the kanji I didn't know (I was surprised that after so long away from using it, I still knew a hell of a lot, and was typing it all up pretty quickly). The interview went through the whole "how did you meet?" thing, and it was basically anecdotes that we've heard before in other interviews, but I guess this time, it really struck me how unusual the tone was. I'll explain.

Shou's asked how they met. So he says that, while he was in his first band, he heard of a band formed around the same time (Visage), which had a really hot bassist... so he decided to go see them. UM. OKAY. I... guess? Like, he didn't even hear that the bassist was "good", he wasn't looking for any new people to join his band at the time, he just heard that Saga was hot. Which is why he decided to go see the band. Shou. What. UM.

Unfortunately, by the time he went to a live, Saga had already left Visage, so no dice LOL

They didn't cross paths properly until Shou had left his second band, attempting to form one with Nao (there's a whole other amusing anecdote about an into-the-night phone call to try to convince Nao to form the band that Shou didn't get into in this interview, but anyways...). Nao had already recruited Saga, so eventually, it was decided that the two of them, and Shou, along with his previous band member, Tora, would form Alice Nine (they scouted Hiroto together, later on). After the phone call that resulted in an agreement to form the band, they decided to all meet at a fast food joint in Shibuya... which was when Shou first met Saga. At this point in the magazine, I literally had to stop and just get a grip. I'll write it out in full.


"The impact of that moment is still engraved in my memory. Saga-kun had put together a light purple tank-top with some pale jeans, and his hair was just as white as his skin; he was even skinnier than he is now. I'm not even exaggerating, he looked like an elf from The Lord of the Rings."

I'm. Dying.

This is the first time I've read Shou comparing him to an elf; usually he says that when they first met he thought that Saga looked like a fairy.

Which doesn't actually lessen the impact of the above anecdote LOL

Then he adds: "Despite that appearance, he stoops and shuffles when he walks." (laugh)

Every fucking aspect of this interview is just full of Shou being completely charmed with Saga. His appearance, gushing about all the "cute/weird" things he does (he mentioned that Saga used an ashtray as a plate at a restaurant at once, completely absent-mindedly hfbjksdAL), how he's a "total airhead", but a "gifted craftsman/composer". At one point, he tells a story about Saga, trails off, and the interview notes in brackets say, "he was laughing so hard, he cried". This interview is a gift. It was like receiving Neo Genesis 10 again. And let's not forget the fucking tweets from them just before this interview came out. Yeah, Shou wasn't kidding about this thing being "love".

...I am almost done writing that damn FS chapter, just, by the by. Longest one to date. :p

Date: 2017-07-12 05:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hikorichan
Sounds like a good weekend! Though I'm sorry your BBQ got rained out.

I couldn't get into Luke Cage, which was disappointing because I loved Jessica Jones.

Finally gave in to the hype and started watching Orange is the New Black last week. I'm really enjoying it so far, but still only on season one. Piper just got out of solitary and made out with Alex. Dun dun dunnnnn... looking forward to watching the rest :)

Glad the interview surpassed your expectations! Your Japanese is clearly way better than mine. :P

Yay FS chapter!! Give it to me!!!!!! ;) <3

Date: 2017-08-01 05:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hikorichan
I gave up after one or two episodes, I think. I'm really not one to stick with something I don't like in hopes it will get better (except for the rare book, but 99% of the time I end up disappointed, so I'm getting better about doing that since it's not like I'm running out of books to read!).

We're onto season 2 of OitNB and still enjoying it! Took a pause for vacation, so need to get back into it now that we're back. My husband was iffy on it at first, but I think I have converted him (I did the same thing with Friends, and he did the same to me with Doctor Who). I love all the different, complex characters, and the fact it's mostly female-focused. Like you said, it's awesome that Piper isn't always likeable. No Mary Sues on that show, that's for sure!

I sort of gave up on my Japanese once we decided we weren't going to move there (couple years ago). Both times I went to Japan, I felt like I was just starting to get more comfortable speaking it and trying more complex sentences right at the point we were about to leave for home (both trips were 3 weeks). I'm sure I could find a speaking partner here, but I would feel so awkward, lol. In Japan I felt like I had to use it, which helped so much in getting past that. I'd love to take a longer trip (like 3 months), but that's so not in the cards right now!! So I'm not sure. I always feel overstretched for time, so it's hard to force myself to practice Japanese when I could be writing or doing art :P

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