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I've got a pile of messages to respond to, but I set them aside over the weekend in favour of milking the hell out of a sudden surge of motivation. Aside from some celebrating of Canada Day on Friday and Saturday, I spent the rest of my long weekend sitting at my computer and chipping away at chapter 12 of FS (currently editing and picking at one last scene). I'm trying to tie that up so that I can really focus on my two upcoming challenge fics for the rest of the month (though I have made a little headway already in both).

I spent Friday evening at my parents', with a gaggle of relatives from the Maritimes showing up with a ton of booze and gaudy red-and-white decorations. Basically, my father was barbequeing in a lobster-print apron and a red-and-white clown wig before any real drinking happened. Quite the crowd, they are. Then on Saturday we headed out to brave the crowds celebrating Canada's 150th birthday and after waiting for almost two hours in the rain (the show was cancelled twice before it finally went on lol), I got to see Mother Mother for the second time this year!

I have to admit... their performance this time (maybe because they were playing such a high-profile gig?) was a little lacking. The energy was there, but I feel like they were more concerned with singing as loudly as they could than with singing as best they could. During Hay Loft and The Stand the singing was a lot more normal, but the rest of the songs had some awkward near-screaming parts. I've seen them enough times to know what they sound like at their best, so I'll just look forward to their next solo gig :p

Still danced my butt off and mouthed most of the words!

I suppose the only other thing to note is that I got back on Warframe yesterday afternoon after several months of hiatus -- the new Harrow quest was both extremely creepy and enjoyable to play, and was the main reason for coming back. I played a little this evening as well (emphasis on little). It all made me feel a little sad about not going to Tennocon this year, but it just wasn't convenient enough for us to get to London this year--maybe the next, if we still enjoy playing the game to a big enough extent!

And now, back to chapter 12. I need to get this donnnnnnne!

Date: 2017-07-06 01:45 am (UTC)
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Does that mean more FS soon? *dances excitedly*
I heartily support ignoring other tasks in favour of writing, regardless ;)

That BBQ sounds like a blast! I love big family BBQs. They happen a lot with my family too, though lacking the maritime spirit! We are reserved British-type folk, so for the most part our "spirit" involves arguing animatedly about politics and foreign policy :P Though we play a mean game of charades when shitfaced on port and sherry after Christmas dinner!

I had to look up Warframe, which I feel might lose me some geek points. Ah well. :P

Date: 2017-08-01 06:03 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hikorichan
Not being distracted is so bloody hard! Especially since the internet is RIGHT THERE. Scrivener's compose mode + music does help me concentrate better, but my phone still tugs my attention away (I need to start leaving it in another room), or I'll go to "quickly" fact check something and end up spending two hours reading about Romanian mythology... ugh. Why is writing so hard? :P

Thankfully no Trump supporters in my family, thank goodness! We do have a few card-carrying conservatives, though, so the debates can be very lively, since most of my generation are very left leaning! We do manage to keep things friendly, though, even when we are arguing. Mostly lots of laughing and shaking of heads from both sides. I miss my one brother-in-law and my dad being there (BIL and sis moved to Toronto, and dad passed away), as my dad loved to debate and my BIL is the sort of person who will play devil's advocate, no matter what he really believes, so things would get pretty ridiculous. We are much more civilised without them present, sadly.

WoW stole my life for a good six years. I haven't really played many videos games since I quit because I'm scared of getting that sucked in again! I've been tempted to get a switch and try out Zelda and the new MarioKart, but I just can't bring myself to do it! I'll stick with PokoPoko on my phone (which thank goodness has a built in limit to how much I can play).
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