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This has certainly been an interesting week so far. I managed some work on FS at the beginning, plotted out the next few chapters, but after finishing a scene that was exhausting to write, I needed a break. So I started to write my HP Drizzle fest submission! SSHG Smut fest is coming up (in fact I am eagerly awaiting the claiming post to go up this morning so I can make mine), and the submission will be due around the same time, so I decided to act out of character and do some work in advance :p

My Merthur fic is still percolating in the back of my mind, and I add to my notes every now and then, go back and re-read them, but I think the only way I'm going to be able to write it properly is if I spend some time outside on a hill when it's extremely sunny and bright out. I've still got a winter sense-memory, and I can't fully get into the zone with this thing right now.

This morning started with a jolt: the fire alarm went off. Or rather, it seems it was pulled, so... Happy Father's Day lol. Then, the alarm itself malfunctioned, so it kept turning on and off, and they couldn't restore the elevators, so after being patient, we were left with no choice other than to walk all the way up to our unit (we're on one of the highest floors lol) so that was a fun pre-breakfast workout. My side of the family are planning to come here for a Father's Day supper, but if they don't fix the elevators, there's no way we're making them walk all the way up and down the stairs; we'll have to figure something else out.

This is random, but yesterday I successfully went from a 10g to an 8g in my left earlobe. My left earlobe has been extremely finicky and I've had to go back down a size twice now because it would not settle properly (rather, because it needed way more than a couple months to rest between stretches). So I finally managed the next stretch with ease! My right lobe for some reason has been a lot easier to stretch and I've had very little trouble with it, so it's several sizes ahead lol.

I've got to run off and make myself breakfast so I'll just make mention of one last, very important thing:

The definitive post-S4 TJLC meta is out!

toxicsemicolon has done it with her [ Poetry or Truth? ] meta, which she published on Medium (part II to come). It's definitive, because she started from the two clearest hints we got about the season via twitter, and did a shitload of research and connecting of dots (I've been watching her scream about Brecht and theatre of the absurd for several months on her Tumblr lol). This meta... is fucking amazing. I ascribe to other metas/theories that aim to explain something about the plot, but this is the first one that I feel truly explains what Season 4 is, if that makes sense. EMP theory, for instance, gives us a good explanation for what is going on with the plot as early as HLV, and into TAB and beyond, and I think it's a strong contender for the big reveal (Tarmac Hell!), but it doesn't fully explain the narrative choices they made the way Poetry or Truth? does. So far, I don't think they have to be mutually exclusive; they can complement one another. I also really like Opaljade's

Ah, I'm back. The fire alarm went off again. Because it's malfunctioning. So we went down a fafillion flights of stairs again, the alarm turned off after about fifteen minutes, and we each heaved a sigh. The elevators were still out of service, so we decided, being quite hungry and fed up, that we would go get brunch. As soon as we started walking away, the alarm went off again; clearly we made the right decision. So we took a nice walk, had a nice brunch (right before the morning rush, so we didn't need to wait to get a table -- score!), and then came back to find... the elevators were still out of service. We met an unfortunate relative at the entrance and had the sad task of informing her that to get up to where her mother lived on the 10th floor, she would have to walk. Horror! We walked together and offered encouragement, and at the tenth floor we bid her farewell and continued on.

We made it back home and immediately laid out clothes on the bed for if the alarm inevitably goes off again and we need to get dressed to go out properly in a hurry. By the way... it's supposed to go up to 40C today, so... jfc. LOL

So, um... where was I?

Right. Opaljade's meta. Trance Theory (part I & part II). This one also does a pretty good job at de-fucking S4, and can coexist to a certain degree with EMP.

I still love BBC Sherlock, and no one yet has managed to convince me that TJLC is not real.

Still fucky

Apr. 2nd, 2017 11:04 pm
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Yeah, that's pretty much how I remember S1

On to le chapter editing after spending several solid hours this afternoon trying to help get #Bring221Back trending on Twitter (we had way, way, WAY more than enough tweeting going on to get it trending worldwide, so something fucky was up... which basically describes the entirety of this latest season ffffff).
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I'm so incredibly exhausted from the events of this month. I got excited about the lead-up to the fourth season of Sherlock, and then watched the series devolve into a trainwreck with each subsequent episode. Watched tons of TJLCers start to doubt and then full-on reject the series once the last episode aired (which I certainly don't blame them for doing). But I couldn't deal with giving up, not when there was one last glimmering bit of hope that the third episode was fake and that another was coming.

I don't think I have the energy or ability to distill all the absolutely crazy (and simultaneously sensible, rational) arguments and theories concerning a "lost episode", hopefully coming on the 29th, this Sunday. I'm so exhausted thinking about this whole queerbaiting ordeal (only proper word for it), that I'm really just at a loss for words. I think the whole "plan" spun out of Mofftiss' hands and a lot more damage has resulted than they intended. Or maybe this is what they intended. I have no idea!

I just know that I am one of many 'Chris'es unable to ignore all the evidence of conspiracy and am doing my part to try and call attention to the harm that BBC Sherlock did this season with the #Norbury and #bbcqueerbait tags on Twitter. jfc Mofftiss, let us fucking rest.

Pretty amazing that I managed to churn out another chapter in the midst of all this, but holy hell do I ever need a break this weekend. Gonna go see Moonlight tomorrow and just try to forget about Sherlock for a bit.

Because obviously I will think of nothing else come Sunday.


Jan. 12th, 2017 06:52 am
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I now I have to swear off Tumblr until Sunday afternoon, so I can avoid any possible spoilers from those who get to go to the advance screening tonight.

This month has been wild.

I suppose it's a good opportunity to lay out the drafts and snippets I've been keeping and get that next chapter written--that is, if I can concentrate through the haze that has been my life since T6T aired. Which, frankly, is not likely. I have taken to keeping a note with all my wild theories and observations on it, and I add to it every day. I'm losing it. halp.


Jan. 8th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Sherlock S4

Dec. 4th, 2016 06:25 pm
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Less than a month until Series 4 begins, and I am just going out of my mind with anticipation. I have been devouring fan theories, re-watching all the episodes, and just generally feeling excited beyond all reason whenever I think that the new year will immediately bring with it 3 new episodes.

TJLC is real, and I hope I will soon be delivered from Johnlock hell.

I'm almost more excited for this premiere than I am for Christmas.

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