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I kept meaning to sit down and write a lengthy account of the past week (or so), but so much time has now passed that the best I feel able to muster is writing down the highlights.

I have two jobs within the same company, and have a full, otherwise-normal schedule... but for several days, my manager at one of the workplaces took a well-deserved vacation, so I was asked to fill in. This meant working slightly longer hours, having to put some things at the other workplace on the back burner, and doing a little bit of running back and forth. It was great experience, and only for a few days, but it was exhausting. I would come home, slump onto the floor, groan, and then get up and play Mass Effect. I didn't have time to write at work (breaks? what breaks?) and was too drained to get into it when I got home. The Easter long weekend was a nice reprieve, at least, but even then I couldn't get myself in a relaxed enough place to write properly and instead became fixated on moving to DW and refreshing my Tumblr dashboard. Fun fun.

Getting back to a normal schedule has helped a little, in that I'm writing lots of notes during my breaks (and I've made a cursory effort at a scene tonight), but I'm still waiting for that burst of inspiration and creativity that always seems to hit me at least once a month. Aaaaanytime now, brain...

The big event of this past weekend was that I got a haircut.

A big event, because I last cut my hair about a year ago -- several disappointing hair cuts/stylists in a row had just made me really, really reluctant to make the trip to any salon. Instead I was doing my own bleaching/dyeing and just kind of ignoring my multiplying split ends. But this past weekend, while combing my hair, the split ends got a little too cozy with eachother (read: my comb kind of got stuck), and I had to admit that I was in need of a trim. So I went in and chopped off about half of my hair! Intentionally. The stylist I tried this time acted the way I felt: wary, cautious, but ultimately friendly. So for the first time in I-don't-even-know-how-many years, I actually had a good experience. I may even let her dye my hair for the summer! Gasp! Of course, I have to decide on the colour first...

Last week also marked the beginning of my participation in two writing fests:

[community profile] hpdrizzle, in which I got my first choice of prompt (yay!) and After Camlann Big Bang, which is not prompt-based, and is for BBC Merlin. I have never written a Merlin fic before, but I've been a fan of the show since it first aired, and once I wrap up my current rewatch (I'm on the 5th season and slowly watching my heart get crushed--always a fun time), I will be working on my ACBB fic. I already have the plot mostly mapped out, I just want to have canon facts fresh in my mind before I start to write it. As for the [community profile] hpdrizzle fest, I have a lot of time to complete my submission, and already have the basic plot mapped out for that one as well. I am very excited to write both, but I must prioritize, and make sure that I am also consistently updating For Safekeeping as well.

I really do need to stop saying yes to all the fun activities and shows my friends propose to me to go do on the weekends. :p

Holy crap, I'm exhausted and bleeding and cranky.

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Humble Bundle just released a unicorn book bundle!!!

I just threw my entire wallet at the screen and broke it

not really. but. I CONSIDERED IT
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Ahh, four day weekends, how I love them.

Though we spent Thursday night over at my parents', the rest of my time off has been spent at home, (mostly) in front of my laptop. I wish I could say that it has all been spent writing, but due to the LJ TOS changes, my time was spent doing other things. Like saving PDF copies of all four of my LJs, and moving this (my latest, and now only active) over to Dreamwidth permanently. I did have a DW journal before, but it ended up petering out because it felt so deserted, and all the action (small as it was) was still over on LJ. I hope that begins to change! After all, DW is a very thoughtfully-constructed blogging platform, and really all it was missing was numbers--communities.

On top of moving my LJ over here, and saving all my old ones, I also realized that all of my old fanfiction was in danger of disappearing too. So I created a new Ao3 account and began re-posting all of the important stuff over there... I thought a lot about whether I wanted to create a brand new account, or whether I wanted to just add a new pseud to my main one, and in the end, a new account won out. My old stuff is just very unpolished. Reading back through it makes me cringe and laugh and even feel warm (I can see my own style--sort of--developing) and I am proud of the stories I wrote, but I don't think I want them, and that super-niche fandom, associated with what I write and how I write now.

While taking breaks from the changeover and repost-a-thon, I also managed to finally finish Mass Effect! Yay! And then started Mass Effect 2! At this rate it will only take me another two years to get to Mass Effect Andromeda! Rejoice!


Okay, maybe two years is too a generous an estimate, but I seem unable to let go of side quests, so clearly I will not reach the Andromeda galaxy as soon as I'd like. It's just, if I never re-play these games, I'd like to be able to say that I experienced almost all of the possible story in them. Anyway, the jump from MA1 to MA2 is pretty great--the difference in graphics and controls is immense, and while I keep accidentally using the old controls, I have to admit, the changes are a nice improvement (levelling certainly feels much more minimalist). This game is the one I played about three quarters of the way through, but it was a long time ago, so while I have some memories of it, I still feel like I'm playing a new game--plus, this time, I have the benefit of a lot of story context from the previous game, so the story and lore doesn't feel confusing.

On to the big event of the weekend!


On Saturday night, while walking back to my chair, I smacked my pinky toe into a table leg reeeeal hard. It's taken until this morning (Monday) for me to be able to walk properly again lol. Luckily, I don't seem to have broken it, and there was no external damage other than very visible bruising, but boy did I ever pick the right weekend to put myself out of commission for a couple days. Ha!

Said toe-stubbing happened right after I had finished reading two wonderful volumes of Smut Peddler, a very female-friendly comic anthology of... well, exactly what it sounds like. :p

Why female-friendly? I would put that down to there usually being some sort of believable plot, to there being a lot of humour, to there being a huge variety of relationships, genders, and body types depicted... in short, it may be a sexy read, but it is also more than likely to give you a case of the warm fuzzies. There was a lot of love in those pages, either from the characters, or from the authors of each comic.

Other things of note... I made brownies last night and changed up my go-to recipe to the extent that my partner tasted the finished product and commanded me to write those changes down right now lol. I adjusted the amount of white sugar the original called for by substituting in some brown sugar and almond flour (he doesn't like overly-sweet things). In order to add a bit of extra sweetness for myself, I spread a little maple butter on top of my square. Delish. But then, when is maple butter not?

Finally, I woke up this morning after viewing a tweet in my dreams that had been posted by Stephen Moffat, saying something along the lines of "the wait is over". I woke up, because even dream me knew that Moffat doesn't have a twitter. At this point, I really can't imagine what they're waiting for, because I feel like they'll lose more loyal fans with each passing day, but I still do believe in The Lost Special, and my tin hat has not left my head since January. I'm still squinting suspiciously at the ContactSH and ContactJW twitters (when I'm not too busy grinning at their latest antics) but what I believe now, what I truly believe, is that Mofftiss want to drop TLS when no one expects it. TJLCers have been too clever. We've ruined their big reveal. So they want to surprise even us. Problem is, there are so few of us left... but that's a whole other (sad) can of worms.

Just for posterity, one of the best metas I have read since S4 ended is about The Johnlockian Game, by Shamelessmash on Tumblr. In particular, their [ meta ] about The Final Problem was exemplary, and I really do think they figured out the key to the whole S4 mess. But their play-by-plays of T6T and TLD are great reads as well.
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Whew, it's been a hell of a week. I finally posted that massive, draining chapter, had a ton of meetings at work, and yesterday celebrated my best friend's birthday all day.

As an aside: I have two best friends, as I ascribe to the Mindy Kaling principle of Best Friend isn't a person, it's a tier. I still remember watching that episode of The Mindy Project and hearing angels descend from the heavens to sing as she delivered that line.

I mention this, because said best friend's birthday was celebrated with my other best friend, and my partner (who I suppose constitutes as a third best friend!). We had homemade curry at my place, went downtown for an escape room, did some shopping, went for dessert at a cafe, went to supper, and then all returned home in order to play a set of high-level missions in Warframe before going to bed. A really great day all-in-all.

The escape room we tried was one of the newest in the city, and was interesting because it is part of a themed series--once you complete all the rooms in the series (the location keeps track of who has and has not completed the rooms--'completed' meaning that you have at least made an attempt to escape), you are able to go back to the location and request access to a dossier of clues. These clues will allow you to do a scavenger-hunt-like expedition downtown at your own leisure, and as long as you solve it, you will be entered to win prizes. But obviously getting to do such a large scale puzzle is the best part! So, in other words... we have figured out what one of our goals for the summer is.

The escape room itself was really interesting and the puzzles were challenging enough that we didn't manage to escape.

Hmm. No, that's not quite right. It wasn't the puzzles that were too challenging. It's that we got stuck with two strangers. And said strangers, unfortunately, were not on our level, to put it simply.

As soon as we were introduced, one of them said "YES! We got an asian! A smart person! We're definitely going to escape!"

I just had to take a moment to breathe deeply there.

My friend and I shared a look. From that comment alone, it was clear we had been stuck with a couple of uneducated douchebags, to put it lightly. But my partner took the 'positive' stereotype with grace and said, "I think all four of us are really smart, actually!" I wanted to bite their heads off about it, but we were about to be stuck in a locked room with these chucklefucks for 45 minutes, so... I held the old tongue.

Every major clue was solved by us. They found things, but did not actually figure them out. In fact, they did worse than not figure things out: they would insist our ideas were wrong even when they were right, and just generally hamstrung us at every opportunity. I truly believe that they thought they were being reasonable, which is sad. There was one puzzle that I figured out, and it wasn't THAT difficult to understand, it just involved coordination from several people at once. The person (who had made the asian-exclamation, for lack of a better term), just would not stop hemming and saying "ummm... I don't think that's right", without offering any counter-theory for how to complete the puzzle. And eventually, after wasting a fuckload of my time by my having to explain and re-explain the simple mechanics of the solution, said "I don't really get it, I think it might be wrong...". ARGH. So I just told the person, "that's okay, maybe you can help with something else, and someone else can come help me."

We eventually asked for our free hint, because time was running out, and lo and behold, when they came in and explained the part I was TRYING to work on, their explanation was exactly what I had figured out. Asian-exclamation came over with this awkward smile and was like, "too bad you weren't doing it right".

What?! Did you?! Listen?! To the same explanation?! That I did?!

The other person, Sir-Stands-Around, stayed out of the way, mostly, wasn't actively doubting every possible solution we proposed, but when I asked him to try a combination on one of the remaining locks, buddy took over a minute to put in the four numbers. Four. Numbers. He also didn't do it correctly. So I ran over to do it myself. Like. I was trying to be patient with these people, but we would have escaped if it was just us, that's how much they actively hampered us.

Oh, right, and at the end the puzzle that Asian-Exclamation went to help with instead of mine, was the one my partner was working on (a logic puzzle, another that I started the ball rolling for, and which I would have loved to have helped with if my own puzzle could have been finished quicker!). Asian-Exclamation, like in my case, just kept talking and insisting in this slow, uncertain way, that he wasn't putting things in the right order. Which caused him to be unable to concentrate. This puzzle involved smelling some herbs and spices, and she kept insisting that two of the bottles smelled identical. Which apparently wasn't the case, but she was very certain of this. SIGH. The only silver lining is that due to her insistence on this fact (and probably even more, secretly due to the fact that the staff noticed we were pretty frustrated with being stuck with said hamstringing chucklefucks), we were given 50% off for our next visit.

Next time, we will absolutely attempt to scrounge up two more reliable puzzle-solvers to come with us.

Anyway, the rest of the day was great! I mean, even through the disappointing escape room experience, the room itself was still really interesting, with some great puzzles in it. The company was just sub-par.

Oh, and because this is slightly funny: I got my friend some David's Tea goodies for her birthday (a pinkish-red iced-tea press and 150 grams of Chocolate Cake tea in a burgundy tin), but due to the fact that buying the iced-tea press conferred a loose-tea discount on the user until the end of July (and plus, then she would also get the reward points for the purchase), I very un-subtly demanded that she hand over her Frequent Steeper card "for no reason in particular". Even funnier, it took her a minute to get it. She just gave me this strange, reluctant look until it clicked.

Oh, right. I also started using Instagram. And it's addictive. Fuck.
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I've decided to take a short break from editing to post this song because I find it extremely rude, to be quite frank, that Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson would make me cry my own tears when I wasn't expecting to.



(This video is so beautiful ;_;)


Apr. 3rd, 2017 07:49 pm
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It's always inevitable, that when I decide to take a gander at Saga's twitter, I have a little fit. First of all, I hadn't seen the new look or the new album art yet, and so... that was a shock. A delectable one. I am loving where they are taking their visuals--the casual/little-makeup direction they were headed in towards the end of their PSC contract was really sad. I love that, now they're starting to get the funds to be able to afford elaborate costumes again, they're going in that direction. ♥

You know, I never did post about MEMENTO, and what was on the cover of my regular version: Saga and his blood-red lips, pressed up against the side of Shou's leg. Yep. A truly excellent surprise. And what's more, the songs are solid. This is some good shit, my friends. A9 are overall a pretty experimental band, even if they lean more towards being alternative, so I never know quite what to expect, but both MEMENTO and ibara were heavy and addicting and I feel sorry for any poor sap that only got the limited edish and missed out on ibara. I still have no idea who was the main composer for either, but I've got a new Cure magazine on the way with an interview about the new album, so I intend to read and find out dhfbaskj

Now, on to the twitter madness.

Shou forgot his glasses (presumably at Tower Records in Ikebukuro), and Saga, of course, picked them up, put them on, and took a picture of himself being 300% done.

(...okay, so he said ドヤ顔 which is supposed to be sort of a self-satisfied look, but he just looks super done to me rofl)

Great, cool, yes! Another shot of the new look! Cool beans! Nice header Saga!


Did he just? Did Shou? Just? Crop out everyone? But him and Saga? Did literally everyone else do a nice crop of the band as a whole? And Shou was just like? NAH, JUST ME AND SAGA IS GOOD?

I know you have both CLEARLY stated that IDEAL is a collaboration between the two of you but

oh my god?

Can you please stop with this capital-C Content? My happiness levels are climbing to unrealistic heights.

no don't stop
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Look, BBC Merlin is, above all, a love story and there isn't one but rather two whole love triangles in it. And The Sword in the Stone parts 1 and 2 give you both.

- Gwen x Arthur x Merlin
- Gwen x Arthur x Lancelot

Oh, you slash shippers! Always seeing things that aren't there!

But the second part of this episode arc both reminds you that there is, in fact, a love triangle forming between Arthur, Merlin, and Gwen, and also reinforces the idea that, in the end, Merlin and Arthur are the "true" pairing. How? Mirrors!

Spoilers and meta-ing ahead... )

Still fucky

Apr. 2nd, 2017 11:04 pm
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Yeah, that's pretty much how I remember S1

On to le chapter editing after spending several solid hours this afternoon trying to help get #Bring221Back trending on Twitter (we had way, way, WAY more than enough tweeting going on to get it trending worldwide, so something fucky was up... which basically describes the entirety of this latest season ffffff).
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My weekend has been packed (how does this keep happening?) and until yesterday evening I had no time at all for writing. Friday night I didn't get home until almost 2am because of a show. The Balconies. Ohhhhh mannnnn I love Jacquie Neville. She has this absolutely incredible stage presence, her voice is amazing, and both times I've gone to see them, she's jumped into the crowd to dance with us (centimeters away from me, both times ahsbfjafkndksnmal).

She also does a lot of headbanging, makes "crazy eyes" at the crowd, she's just... so awesome.

And extremely hot.

My god.

In honor of the Juno weekend, their setlist was mostly covers (they played three of their own songs when we called them back for an encore), and said covers were kickass. My favourites were Turn off the Light, Man! I Feel Like A Woman, You Oughta Know, Strange Disease... and probably others, but I've honestly forgotten all the others they played. But they nailed the whole performance. Can't wait to see them again!

Anyway, I spent yesterday (after I had managed to drag myself out of bed), making pancakes for the friend that had crashed at our place after the show, shopping, meeting up with other friends, and then coming home to eat supper at almost 9pm. I woke up this morning to write down a few notes and ended up just plain forgetting about breakfast in a frenzy of writing (I caught a possible plot hole and have been working on that). It's been hours of trying to wrestle my next chapter into shape (still a little ways off, but with some luck and elbow grease I'll get to the end of it today) and now I clearly need to feed myself. Off to watch Merlin and take a little food break before I get back to my sudden streak of inspiration.
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Oh, what a weekend I had...

First, on Friday, DE decided to dump a brand new Warframe on us. Which meant I had to put on my wide-brimmed hat and go farming. Obviously. They dumped a whole lot of other great content on us too, which did not help my resolve to be good and concentrate on being productive. I ended my night by ragequitting after I "completed" the new quest and it bugged out before I could get my reward. I re-did it in the morning, after I had slept off the volcanic ire that my partner was trying very hard not to find hilarious.


Saturday we went bouldering. Ho boy. I should mention I'm afraid of heights. I went once before, and enjoyed myself, but I could only really climb sideways and managed to get my feet maybe one metre off the floor--if that. I did better this time, but had to work my way up to it (and creepily stand around waiting for most of the other climbers to leave the space). I should mention I also don't really like people. I'm a gem. We spent the day with a couple of friends we hadn't seen in a while, and aside from bouldering, also went out for ramen, and then to a brand-new cafe for some matcha desserts. All in all, a great time.

And today? Why, I've done a lot of knitting and watched three episodes of Merlin--and for some reason in the middle of the second one decided to make chocolate-chip pumpkin bread. For... reasons? Tastiness? I started at nine-thirty pm... and it's now eleven pm... just... why? Why do I make these life choices?

It smells really freakin good though. I'm gonna go have a slice.
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So, Mass Effect Andromeda.

Need I say more?

Actually, the truth is... I bought the shit out of the Deluxe edition, but I haven't played it yet. Because I'm still trying to finish the first three games. But it was essential that I preorder and get myself that sweet, sweet deluxe edish. For reasons. I am currently on the original game, and so preordering the fourth must seem like the act of a crazy person (and it could sort of be), but the thing is, I started out this franchise by playing the first few hours of the first game on fuckin' Xbox, then three-quarters of the second game on PS3 (fact: outside of the trilogy bundle, the original Mass Effect was only on fuckin' Xbox, so I had to try it on my brother's fuckin' Xbox, and then couldn't continue it, because I'm a PS person and did not have a good gaming PC at the time), and then bought the trilogy for PC and have restarted, properly. The whole thing is extremely convoluted. I never finished the second game on PS3, because once I got the trilogy, I needed to play everything in order, okay?

I'm a completionist, by the way, so my idea of rushing through is... basically doing every possible thing.


Though obviously not at the expense of putting out this next chapter which is going to be... intense. I had a pile of notes for it, and when I got to writing it, the entire tone changed, which was both a very exciting and very frustrating thing. When I need a break, I go hang out in the Normandy.
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Went out to our local board game cafe with some friends, intending to stay for two or three hours--we stayed almost eight. Which, to be fair, happens a lot, but it also means I didn't get much else done today :p

We mainly played: Castle Panic, Hanabi, Quarriors, and Snake Oil.

The first three are games that I play on a semi-regular basis, but the fourth was picked kind of on a whim. I had played it before, but with strangers, so it was a bit stressful. This time, among people I knew fairly well... most excellent. The game is pretty much just selling bullshit products to customers (one person picks a 'customer' card and assumes a persona, the others select two 'product' cards from their hand and try their best to create a sales pitch). Did I mention one of my friends is a very successful salesperson? Ha!

Memorable combinations:

Burp Family to a Wizard
Love Glove and Alcohol Blanket to a Couch Potato
Pillow Cape to a Pro Wrestler
Rubber Legs to a Firefighter
Desire Plunger to a Prison Guard
Balloon Horse to a Cheerleader

A lot of things didn't make sense, but everyone tried their best to sell the shit out of them anyway. We were killing ourselves laughing (I love absurd humour, so it was right up my street).

By the way... the Burp Family is a genetically engineered subservient life form whose prime function is to maintain cauldron flames and the bubbles in potions. If you need to step out for an extended period of time, tell these little guys how to maintain the potions you have on the go and their burps will do the work! They eat grass and self-replicate, so there is little to no maintenance required!

Wonder if ol' Snape would go for it.


Mar. 18th, 2017 07:20 pm
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Cheeky lesbian saviour of Thedas, part-time prankster, and full-time shiny wifey.
Former Inquisitor.
Skills include: backstabbing with one good arm, snappy comebacks.

Send inquiries to Varric, who can answer anything except how to pronounce this applicant's name.
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Okay, I give up!

I wanted this to be one whole chapter, but it will not end. So I'm splitting it into two (logical) parts, getting the first part edited, and then posting the hell out of it. I'm not completely certain how one goes about posting the 'hell' out of something, but you can bet your buns I'm going to find out tonight.

The other part was scheduled to be finished this afternoon, but once I got to writing out the (supposedly) last part of the scene, I realized that I had to take it in a different direction... thus stretching out the length further. At 8K, things were getting ridiculous, and I had to admit to myself that I could no longer keep it one entire chapter. Or push back my very fuzzy posting schedule.

I may not have made this decision had I been home for most of the week, but I had been off visiting family since Wednesday, and despite having lugged my laptop along with me for the trip, I really didn't end up getting much of anything written at all. I did have a good time though; spent nearly all three days sitting at the kitchen table talking, playing cards, and drinking tea.

Alright then. Time to edit.

Kind of a relief.
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The one very bright spot in my week was that I got to see Mother Mother: they were amazing, I spent the whole show dancing and singing along to all of the songs like a madwoman. I have now seen them three times, and they performed an incredibly fun show each and every time. They're easily my favourite Canadian band, and they just keep releasing more and more addictive material.

...which is saying something, because I really love The Balconies and Tegan and Sara.

But anyway, their latest album, No Culture, came out right before the tour started, and I devoured that album, just played it on loop for days, because it is so good. Here's Baby Boy, one of my favourites from the album (I got to see it live alfkmgkldsdmslk):

I love the huge rhythm changes, the "gasping" after he plunges into dangerous water... amazing. In terms of the new song I danced hardest to at the concert, though, that would be The Drugs. So much love. I am already looking forward to seeing them again when they come back to my city. ♥

Anyway, that's the good stuff. The not-so-good stuff was that I had to come in early and stay late several days this week because of an issue at work (now resolved), but there were some passive-aggressive digs being tossed my way during the week which made things that much more stressful and frustrating.

So. Thank you, weekend, for just... being here for me. Love you, bud.
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Let's just pretend that I didn't spend most of yesterday lying around feeling sleepy.

Even still, the chapter is nearly done--just one very long scene left to write and then I can go back with a fine-tooth comb and do some much-needed editing.

I woke up at 4am this morning, for absolutely no sensible reason that I could discern.

Just thought I'd leave that here for posterity.

I'd like my brain to read it and feel guilty one day down the road.
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So I lied a bit. I decided to check on MEMENTO news instead or writing, since I didn't have a lot of time to kill before running off downtown. I was very frustrated (and a little happy) to find that the mystery of the regular edition covers has yet to be resolved: the official site (and certain news sources) is showing one photo, while other news sources are spreading another.

I also found tweets discussing the new album and they made me even more eager to throw money at my screen.


Saga is confirming that it's a return to their roots, a new beginning, and Shou confirms that it's a collaboration between him and Saga. djfbkjsnldnflskdm Okay, like the last few albums have kind of unofficially been collaborations between the two of them (GEMINI especially), but I can't recall them ever directly saying that. This makes me very happy, to put it lightlyyyyyyyyyyyy


A brief description of each song on the new album. The hype is increasing tenfold.

Please stop with the dirty jokes

Except. Shou loves dirty jokes. So.

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I feel as though I've been writing this chapter forever, not because I've been stuck on it, but because I keep adding to it, and none of what I have been adding could easily fit into the next chapter; I don't want to break it up. I suppose it will sort of make up for my last, short chapter, it it all comes together properly.

In other news, I've been listening to a thunderstorm unfold all morning as the fog dissipates--certainly not something I remember ever seeing in these parts during February. It looks miserable and gloomy outside, and that's exactly why I'm going to go out this afternoon and get some shopping (window or otherwise) in.

Now I best go push myself to write some more before I leave.


Feb. 18th, 2017 12:53 am
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I logged in to PIGG for the first time in well over a year this evening because... why not? And then stumbled into a cat collecting minigame (にゃんきゃっち) that was obviously made for me. Luckily you have to pay to play indefinitely because I would have played that shit until the end of time if it were free. Too cute!

Went to my parents' for supper tonight, and got to see the absolutely hilarious amount of snow piled all over their street(s)... we live just off a main road, so the excess snow has been picked up pretty routinely and so it's been easy to forget just how much snow has been falling since December. The piles of snow on either side of my parents' driveway reach the tree branches of their cherry trees, going way over my head. It really reminded me, when I saw it, of how much snow we used to get when I was a kid (obviously, I was tiny, so my perspective would have been different!), but still, it was nice to see those piles I remember so well. I took several pictures, but they really do not capture the scale of those snow mountains all over the street accurately.

Tomorrow morning I am going to try to do more writing (I did manage some tonight, but not nearly as much as I would have liked), and then I am either going to stay in and make a dessert or I am going to go shopping at HMV while the going is still good (I'm really hoping to nab the Sherlock seasons I am missing and/or the complete Merlin box set for a deliciously low price). Then I will need to hurry back home to get ready for a dinner-and-boardgames date with our friends that should last well into the night.

Sunday is always lazy-day.

I'm gonna go read some comics. It's that sort of Friday night.
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