Mar. 23rd, 2017

borealgrove: (Through to Winter)
So, Mass Effect Andromeda.

Need I say more?

Actually, the truth is... I bought the shit out of the Deluxe edition, but I haven't played it yet. Because I'm still trying to finish the first three games. But it was essential that I preorder and get myself that sweet, sweet deluxe edish. For reasons. I am currently on the original game, and so preordering the fourth must seem like the act of a crazy person (and it could sort of be), but the thing is, I started out this franchise by playing the first few hours of the first game on fuckin' Xbox, then three-quarters of the second game on PS3 (fact: outside of the trilogy bundle, the original Mass Effect was only on fuckin' Xbox, so I had to try it on my brother's fuckin' Xbox, and then couldn't continue it, because I'm a PS person and did not have a good gaming PC at the time), and then bought the trilogy for PC and have restarted, properly. The whole thing is extremely convoluted. I never finished the second game on PS3, because once I got the trilogy, I needed to play everything in order, okay?

I'm a completionist, by the way, so my idea of rushing through is... basically doing every possible thing.


Though obviously not at the expense of putting out this next chapter which is going to be... intense. I had a pile of notes for it, and when I got to writing it, the entire tone changed, which was both a very exciting and very frustrating thing. When I need a break, I go hang out in the Normandy.

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