Mar. 19th, 2017

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Went out to our local board game cafe with some friends, intending to stay for two or three hours--we stayed almost eight. Which, to be fair, happens a lot, but it also means I didn't get much else done today :p

We mainly played: Castle Panic, Hanabi, Quarriors, and Snake Oil.

The first three are games that I play on a semi-regular basis, but the fourth was picked kind of on a whim. I had played it before, but with strangers, so it was a bit stressful. This time, among people I knew fairly well... most excellent. The game is pretty much just selling bullshit products to customers (one person picks a 'customer' card and assumes a persona, the others select two 'product' cards from their hand and try their best to create a sales pitch). Did I mention one of my friends is a very successful salesperson? Ha!

Memorable combinations:

Burp Family to a Wizard
Love Glove and Alcohol Blanket to a Couch Potato
Pillow Cape to a Pro Wrestler
Rubber Legs to a Firefighter
Desire Plunger to a Prison Guard
Balloon Horse to a Cheerleader

A lot of things didn't make sense, but everyone tried their best to sell the shit out of them anyway. We were killing ourselves laughing (I love absurd humour, so it was right up my street).

By the way... the Burp Family is a genetically engineered subservient life form whose prime function is to maintain cauldron flames and the bubbles in potions. If you need to step out for an extended period of time, tell these little guys how to maintain the potions you have on the go and their burps will do the work! They eat grass and self-replicate, so there is little to no maintenance required!

Wonder if ol' Snape would go for it.

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