Feb. 12th, 2017

borealgrove: (Out of Bounds)
Don't you love when you create a blog, intending to write beautiful, deep thoughts into it and instead it turns into a shitpost-dump. Well, HA, good thing I avoided that ol' trick-step!

It's almost friggin 3am and here I sit writing an absurd new chapter of For Safekeeping (...ish) after having wasted several hours trawling through emo music from the 2000s--absolutely no idea why. I guess it worked though, because the words are now pouring out. Again, no idea why. That music doesn't at all match what I'm writing.

My brain is awfully weird.

In other news, I also decided to drink a bunch of tea. And am still drinking it.

That might actually explain why I'm still awake.

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