Feb. 11th, 2017

borealgrove: (Out of Bounds)

I finally took a look at all the album art and my first reaction was WHAT IS SHOU'S FACE DOING ON TYPE B I THOUGHT THEY DECIDED HIS FACE WOULD NO LONGER ALWAYS BE IN FOCUS FFS then I realized that his face is cropped out of type A and decided to downgrade my rage to a solid side-eye. Then I noticed that the regular edish features Saga's face and everything became okay (mostly. ish).

So for maximum insanity to be achieved, I must further analyze the album art, like old times.

First off, the lettering is to die for. I love the fact that you have follow the arrows to read "MEMENTO" and that the ankh is both part of the word and helps point your eyes in the right direction. I also love that you can start reading at either M. It's even more delectable than the different fonts for each title in ALPHA (and that is saying something, because I always loved that). This is all so, so much better than the original red-on-black art they had released for the single in the beginning.

In terms of the look, I love Nao's hair style, Hiroto's chokers (hdbkjsnlka), and the fact that my boy Saga has an eyepatch again and bold red lipstick. Thank you lord! Overall, the outfits are a little boring (just a little), but frankly, if there's no cheesiness going on at any level, it's not ~authentiqué~ vk.

Now that I have seen The Look, that deluxe booklet that comes with type A doesn't seem like such an unnecessary addition anymore. If it's anywhere near as enjoyable to flip through as the Alpha or RAINBOWS deluxe booklets, I'm excited. The colour palette of this (and to a certain extent, the other editions) honestly gave me a smidgen of "bi flag" feel which probably wasn't intentional, but I'll take it. The perspective and how they're all arranged on and around the table is just so pleasing for some reason ashsbfksj. I like the fact that Shou's head is cropped out (again, in a sort of protest for how he was constantly taking centre stage at the tail end of their PSC days) but... the statement is sort of ruined a little when his face is plastered over type B. I mean. Guys. Seriously.

Let's just skip type B. It's Shou's face. Soft lighting. He's pretty. Got it.

Regular edition. Oh boy, this one was like a present. I was all ready to get up in arms about type B and then they made my boy Saga the focus of regular edition. The lighting is odd if you're looking for the blue in the bi flag, it's riiiiight here, and Shou's crossed leg is just as much of a feature as Saga himself, pressed up against it. The absolute darkest part on that cover is Saga's lips, which you just can't help but notice. Thank you?! Coincidence?!

Okay, now for some symbolism. Why focus on Shou and Saga? Obviously because they're the main artists driving A9's image and sound, but let's go deeper.

I spent Time on this and regret nothing. )

I guess I'll have to wait until the deluxe booklet is in my hands to see if I can make any more unsolicited deductions about The Boys. Yeah... I updated my earlier preorder to include type A as well as regular edish. I really am trash. But hey, it's only type A that counts towards ratings, so there's that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

EDIT: Looked into some news sources are showing a different regular edish than is currently displayed on their official website. Which is real?! The one being shown in news sources has no one's face in it, and gives Hiroto and Saga equal weight in the frame (with Shou's boots still in the middle). STILL. If Saga in focus was the original version remember, Shou is the art director for this shit, my thoughts on it are still valid. And even in the other new source version... they're still touching.

But far more importantly... type A totally is done in a bi flag palette. A bigger image shows that it does go pink-purple-blue. dfbskgjddnfkjndlkmas Again, don't care if it wasn't intentional come on shou, I still love the shit out of this.


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