Jan. 27th, 2017

borealgrove: (Out of Bounds)
I'm so incredibly exhausted from the events of this month. I got excited about the lead-up to the fourth season of Sherlock, and then watched the series devolve into a trainwreck with each subsequent episode. Watched tons of TJLCers start to doubt and then full-on reject the series once the last episode aired (which I certainly don't blame them for doing). But I couldn't deal with giving up, not when there was one last glimmering bit of hope that the third episode was fake and that another was coming.

I don't think I have the energy or ability to distill all the absolutely crazy (and simultaneously sensible, rational) arguments and theories concerning a "lost episode", hopefully coming on the 29th, this Sunday. I'm so exhausted thinking about this whole queerbaiting ordeal (only proper word for it), that I'm really just at a loss for words. I think the whole "plan" spun out of Mofftiss' hands and a lot more damage has resulted than they intended. Or maybe this is what they intended. I have no idea!

I just know that I am one of many 'Chris'es unable to ignore all the evidence of conspiracy and am doing my part to try and call attention to the harm that BBC Sherlock did this season with the #Norbury and #bbcqueerbait tags on Twitter. jfc Mofftiss, let us fucking rest.

Pretty amazing that I managed to churn out another chapter in the midst of all this, but holy hell do I ever need a break this weekend. Gonna go see Moonlight tomorrow and just try to forget about Sherlock for a bit.

Because obviously I will think of nothing else come Sunday.

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